We find Shriver did not exceed the proper scope of her testimony as she was well within the parameters of Daubert’s liberal interpretation of Rule 702, and the court did not abuse its discretion in admitting Shriver’s testimony . . . we AFFIRM the court’s Order. SO ORDERED this 10th day of January 2020.

Supreme Court OF THE Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands

Ms. Shriver is respected by both the medical and legal communities in the greater Denver area. Her opinions are always detailed and thoughtfully constructed. She has become one of the few individuals whose opinion carries intellectual gravitas.

Hugh H. Macaulay, III, MD (9-14-16)

Worker’s Compensation

Shriver’s opinion in this regard is considerably more persuasive and credible than (omitted) opinion in this regard. The ALJ finds that Shriver’s opinion, … outweighs (omitted) opinion.

WC 4-594-683. Office of Administrative Courts State of Colorado. Edwin L Felter Jr., Administrative Law Judge, August 16, 2012

Personal Injury

She has prepared over ten (14) comprehensive personal injury evaluation reports for our firm. Her work product is based on a comprehensive assessment, data analysis and research consistent with industry standard. . . . Her entire recommendation (to no surprise) was fully adopted by the jurors despite the Defendant’s numerous highly paid experts who disputed her recommendations.

Victorino DLG Torres, Saipan, MP (9-21-16)

Social Security

I worked with Doris Shriver from 2004 through 2015 when I retired as a U.S. Administrative Law Judge with the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR). Ms. Shriver regularly appeared in my Social Security disability hearings to provide expert vocational testimony. She provided detailed and objective evaluation of vocational issues based upon forensic work, comprehensive site evaluations of workplace requirements and conditions, including verification of the physical and mental requirements to perform vocational activities. I found her preparation, demeanor and expertise to be at the highest level.

Richard Maddigan, U.S. Administrative Law Judge (retired)

Doris Shriver (VE) is under contract by the Social Security Administration to “Provide expert testimony at hearings . . . Must provide accurate / acceptable evaluation of claimant skill levels in relation to prior vocational activity and transferability of skills. Must provide accurate and acceptable responses to vocational questions based on direct reliance with the Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT) codes, acceptable vocational standards / sources, industrial / occupational trends, local labor market conditions and applicable Social Security Rulings. Must provide accurate and acceptable responses to vocational questions based upon education and experience in the vocational field when the work identified as being available by the VE conflicts with the DOT.

(Section C. VII., B – of SF 1449; Vocational Expert BPA #1151-11-80087) Original contract: 1992; Department of Defense: Central Contractor Registered/ 10-11-04; renewed 2012

Occupational Therapy & Rehabilitation

Doris Shriver and her associates’ 2007 consultation was a key contribution to my post-stroke rehabilitation. Doris’ vocational evaluation and recovery strategies -including brain repair nutrition, cognitive retraining exercises, visual/sensory integration, positive activity/vocational selection, and stress management – powered me through my then remediation plateau and strongly motivated my successful rehabilitation.

Joe Garrity (past corporate lawyer with staff of 70+)