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When only the best will do.

Decades of experience. Accepted expert in Supreme, Federal, County and administrative law courts.

O.T. Resources, Inc.
Doris J. Shriver, OT/L, FAOTA, CLCP, CBIS & President of O.T. Resources Inc.

As occupational therapists, rehabilitation specialists, vocational experts, and certified life care planners we have evaluated, treated, and consulted with thousands of patients from infants to the frail elderly for decades.

Referrals come from physicians, employers, 3rd party payers, attorneys and consumers.

Our practice is based upon science, our philosophy assures that we are independent, and our approach considers the whole person.

I personally welcome you to O.T. Resources.

Doris J. Shriver, OT/L, FAOTA, CLCP, CBIS

President, O.T. Resources, Inc.
We find Shriver did not exceed the proper scope of her testimony as she was well within the parameters of Daubert’s liberal interpretation of Rule 702, and the court did not abuse its discretion in admitting Shriver’s testimony . . . we AFFIRM the court’s Order. SO ORDERED this 10th day of January 2020.
Supreme Court OF THE Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.
Ms. Shriver is respected by both the medical and legal communities in the greater Denver area. Her opinions are always detailed and thoughtfully constructed. She has become one of the few individuals whose opinion carries intellectual gravitas.
Hugh H. Macaulay, III, MD (9-14-16)
Doris Shriver and her associates’ 2007 consultation was a key contribution to my post-stroke rehabilitation. Doris’ vocational evaluation and recovery strategies -including brain repair nutrition, cognitive retraining exercises, visual/sensory integration, positive activity/vocational selection, and stress management – powered me through my then remediation plateau and strongly motivated my successful rehabilitation.
Joe Garrity, past corporate lawyer with staff of 70+
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