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Workers’ Compensation

    "Shriver’s opinion in this regard is considerably more persuasive and credible than (omitted) opinion in this regard. The ALJ finds that Shriver’s opinion, . . . outweighs (omitted) opinion."


WC 4-594-683. Office of Administrative Courts State of Colorado. Edwin L Felter Jr., Administrative Law Judge, August 16, 2012.


Personal Injury


    "I have otherwise considered the factors set forth in Shreck and its progeny and find that Ms. Shriver’s opinions satisfy the requirements of those cases. People v. Shrek, 22 P .3d 68 (Colo. 2001); Ford v. Eicher, 250 P .3d 262 (Colo. 2011). It is hereby ORDERED that the Motion is DENIED. ENTERED this 7th day of September, 2012."


Case No. 2010CV4670. BY THE COURT: J. Eric Elliff, District Court Judge, CITY AND COUNTY OF DENVER, STATE OF COLORADO

Social Security


    Doris Shriver (VE) is under contract by the Social Security Administration to “Provide expert testimony at hearings . . . Must provide accurate / acceptable evaluation of claimant skill levels in relation to prior vocational activity and transferability of skills. Must provide accurate and acceptable responses to vocational questions based on direct reliance with the Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT) codes, acceptable vocational standards / sources, industrial / occupational trends, local labor market conditions and applicable Social Security Rulings. Must provide accurate and acceptable responses to vocational questions based upon education and experience in the vocational field when the work identified as being available by the VE conflicts with the DOT.”


(Section C. VII., B – of SF 1449; Vocational Expert BPA #1151-11-80087) Original contract: 1992; Department of Defense: Central Contractor Registered/ 10-11-04; renewed 2012.

expert witness doris shriver